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Hazard and emergency IT systemsEnvironment IT systemsGISProtected areasSoftware developmentINSPIRENature conservationUAV data processingData processingWater IT systemsMission opperation sun-photometry risk and forecastingCoastal hydrodynamicsLiDAR data processingBiodiversity and natural resourcesLIDAR monitoring and early warningenvironmental assessment and modellingelastic and Raman lidarnvestigations of nonlinear phenomena of complex systemsoptical processing of informationWeb based data exploitation platformsHydromorphological changesLST assessmentTopographyEO monitoring hardware: ground based SAREO imagery processing seismic hazard? Laser Spectroscopy ? Plasma Spectroscopy ? Polymer Selforganization ? Atmosphere optics ? Climate and wheatherRemote Sensingsatellite developmentAIT hazard and risk assessmentdigital holographyseismic and geophysical monitoringDevelopment of the Earthquake Early Warning SystemRiver mouths behaviourcomputer generated hologramsSattelite images processing for land coverinfrastructure monitoringAerosolsSeismic Hazard Assesment and Seismic Risk mitigationsoil erosiontsunami modelingEO Big Dataremote sensing of aerosols and trace gases interpretation and mappingseismologyReal time earthquake monitoring and database managementvegetation analysisAtmospheric Physics radiative transferEducational softwaresatellite subsystems designNear-Earth environmentAerosol Physics and Air pollutionatmospheric scene classificationOcean colorCoastal evolutionforest mapping ClimatologyCoastal dynamicsDrone images processingsoil moistureSolar-terrestrial relationshipnatural hazards assessmentLand-sea interactionsSatellite (optical and radar) image processing seismic and infrasound monitoring air quality modellingClimate Change array data processingSpace missionAtmospheric physicsonline aerosol chemistryUpper atmosphereGNSS monitoringCloud Microphysics

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